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Hotel Oderberger cooperates with Berlin artists. At the moment art is exhibited in the fireplace bar, the restaurant, the library, the corridors and in the hotel rooms, other areas of the hotel will be added gradually. You can buy the art you see at the Oderberger, such as photo prints or paintings. Just talk to us or contact the artists directly if you are interested.

Manolo Ty

Manolo Ty born in Hagen/Germany is a freelance photographer and artist. In 2006 he left Germany to return to his home country four years later with a completely different world view. Travelling and living abroad he worked as a photographer while studying economics at the distance university of Hagen. He photographed in Europe, Asia, the Middle East as well as North and South America, altogether visiting 97 countries to this point.

In his art, Manolo Ty exploits a symbiosis between native aesthetics and his photography. The beauty of the diverse nature, people of all cultures and the small everyday things that vary so much around the world are the ideal inspiration for his practice. “Art is nothing but an imitation of nature“ – the unmistakable way in which he dynamically composes his shots to create a voyeuristic sense of being in close proximity with the subjects. Ty’s works seize the viewer and impart complex insights about our huge constantly rotating globe and everything on it.

Ben de Biel

Ben de Biel has worked as an autodidact photographer since 1984. From 1986-1989 he was working in a professional photo-lab by using all possible photo materials which were available on the market during these years. 1989 he moved to Hamburg in order to take lessons with Rudi Meisel’s, founder of the photo agency Visum. Ever since this encounter de Biel has evolved his first series showing Berlin’s subcultural scenes during the years of Germanys unification process. As club owner, Ben de Biel has taken part in creating Berlin’s nightlife scene during the 90s. The trained photographer documented Berlin for over twenty years, and picturing the transformation of the city and its inhabitants over the years. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, de Biel’s series Berlin 1990-1995 was published in the book Berlin Wonderland (Gestalten).

Berlin 1990-1995 is a photo series showing Berlin during the month and years following the fall of the Berlin wall. In 1990 the rise of Berlin to one of the most known cultural cities in the world started benefited by different circumstances as unsettled property aspects, population decrease as a result of high unemployment, cheap prices and less income.

Johanna Keimeyer

“Underwater there are no thoughts.
The body is weightless, breathless.
Freedom, lightness and timelessness arises.
I am home – “


Johanna Keimeyer created underwater compositions in hotel pools while traveling around the world with kind support from Martin Nicholas Kunz. With these intimate portraits she wants to emphazise the awareness behind the physical body by showing it again and again. The body is just the surface. The beauty is within.

In the photo project Pool Around Me Johanna Keimeyer created underwater scenes in over 75 hotel pools worldwide from Africa, the Maldives, and Asia to America. She used the pool as a diary of spirit, beauty and transformation within. Photographic fine art prints of the underwater series Pool Around Me can be ordered at Hotel Oderberger or directly through Johanna Keimeyer.

Various & Gould

The Berlin based artist duo Various & Gould works in close collaboration since 2005. After studying at the Berlin-Weissensee School of Art, the artists graduated in 2010. Various & Gould are known for constantly reinventing themselves. Their creation is based on the simple but striking formula 1+1=3.

They designed and realized a mural at Hotel Oderberger and we are proud to feature a piece of their art.

Whilst methods of screen-printing and collage are their specialty, their art also emerges in public performances or installations willing to cross borders and explore different media. Mutual passions including their love of paper, enthusiasm for accidental beauty in everyday life and art in urban space form the core of their artistic practice.

Various & Gould often deal with socially prominent themes such as work, migration, gender, death, religion or the financial crisis in a playful, intuitive manner. Influenced by (political) poster graphics, Dada and Pop Art, vivid colors combined with typography and encrypted messages are the characteristics of their work.

Cornelia Enderlein

Cornelia Enderlein is a Berlin based artist who studied at the Berlin University of the Arts. Works from her latest series PENCIL DRAWINGS can be found at the Restaurant and Kaminbar as well as at the Library at Hotel Oderberger Berlin.

The series Pencil Drawings focusses on the conflict between order and disorder, between hold and abeyance, coincidence and planning. One can understand chaos and order as opposites, consider the chaos as the cause of order, or assume them as interdependent correlating condition. In any case, by the virtue of their duality, they possess a power that generates artistic and creative process.

Through overlays, shifts and fragmentation drawing structures are created that dynamically capture the (pictorial) space. Order and disorder encounter each other, mix and add up to one expressive composition.

Streets of no Name ist die Website des Fotografen Johannes von Jena. Der Berliner Kulturschaffende hat in den letzten Jahren die Welt erkundet und dabei seine Begeisterung für die Streetfotografie entdeckt. Das Einfangen eines Moments, die meistens schwarzweiße Ästhetik und die persönliche Art der Dokumentation stehen dabei im Mittelpunkt.


Nach einer Reise in den Iran im Jahr 2016 hat sich der Künstler entschlossen seine Werke erstmals öffentlich auszustellen. In diesem Zuge entstand auch die Idee seiner neuen Website, wo man die Essenz seiner fotografischen Momente erkunden kann.


Im Hotel Oderberger zeigt er zusammen mit seinem Freund und Kollegen Ben de Biel 25 Bilder rund um den Globus. Zusammen bereiste man in den vergangenen Jahren sowohl New York City als auch Kapstadt. Es handelt sich dabei um die erste gemeinsam kuratierte Ausstellung im Rahmen von


Ben de Biel war übrigens derjenige, der Johannes von Jena über die Jahre begleitet hat bei allem, was mit seiner Fotografie zu tun hatte und es freut Johannes von Jena besonders das mit ihm eine erste Zusammenarbeit präsentiert werden kann.

Victor Ash

Ash works mostly in the street and the works are ”in your face” and visible to everyone, also to those who have not actively sought them out. He says; “It’s very exciting for me as an artist to work in this way. When you’re placing a present like that in a public space, it creates an interaction with people you’d never talk to otherwise. It’s something you give to the people and making paintings outside like this, is a gift to the public.” In this sense his art is democratic and unavoidable and manifests itself in the form of public statements completely in line with the spirit of street art.

In Ash’s words, his works are always a direct reflection of what takes place in society here and now. Ash doesn’t give answers or solutions to the dilemmas, which are described in the works, rather he points at certain things in society and questions the present state of things. The works often deal with the contrast between the urban and the rural as well as with those anecdotes, which rise from this dichotomy.

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